Who Are We?

Ffenics is reckoned to be the leading product in a new wave of technologies that give business users control over their applications again.  Our customers are all people who are fed up with packaged applications and want to regain control over their systems!We are a team of passionate guys and girls who…
  • Are fed up with seeing companies struggling with packaged applications that don’t do exactly what THEY WANT!  (nothing like a good RANT!)
  • Know that one size does not fit all!
  • Created ETCh technology, Ffenics, and the world of Framework Applications to let every business operate the way it wants to
  • Love talking to you!  Call us for an informal chat (if you want a formal chat, please book an appointment and we will get our suit cleaned and decide who is going to wear it!)

Oh, and by the way the company is called Database Software Limited and our head office is in Wales!