Training & Support

Welcome to Ffenics Support & Training here you will find links to everything you need to learn more about Ffenics, and to access resources to answer those vital questions you have!

Our Training Materials are all video-based and use the Familiarisation Application which you should have downloaded if not, download it from here! (BTW, best practice suggests you put it in an empty directory).

The Training Videos are all short and designed to cover a topic quickly – making it easy for you to find an answer to your question rapidly!  Click here for the Training Video Library.

Everyone needs support at some point whether it’s wondering how to do something or wondering how a function operates. Recognising this, we give you 10 hours of telephone support free when you initially purchase Ffenics, which can be used anytime in your first month of owning Ffenics. After that you can purchase further support contracts via the on-line shop  (and you never know…we may have an offer running!)

To access Ffenics support please…

1. Call us on +44 (0)844 870 9397
2. Or email our support team and we will get right back to you