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New Application - Timescales & Budget


We have just completed the build of a new application for an existing corporate client. From a development perspective, it has many of the usual attributes: Hosted by

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Data Synchronisation


Whilst larger organisations benefit from the economies of scale, they can also suffer from increased complexity, particularly as the number of business applications increases.

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OPTIMUS - New Methodology


We are pleased to announce a new methodology for implementing Ffenics based solutions. The reason for this, is both the changing nature of our client’s requirements and also

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New face!


Please join me in offering a belated welcome to Aprille Denton who is working with us, out of our Wiltshire office. One of Aprille’s key tasks, as well as providing

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Gain insight into Ffenics


At Ffenics, we are always on the look-out for talented new people to join our team and as part of the multiple ways we get to meet people, we aim to provide regular Work

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Ffenics Expanding


We are now recruiting for three new people to join the team in Bangor, UK, ready for the start of 2017! We're specifically looking for ... 1) Business Analyst 2) Digital

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Fforward with Ffenics – a date to remember!


Move your development to the next level with Adrian Jones’ training event for developers, Forward with Ffenics! Adrian’s back with his 10th annual workshop and this time, it

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Ffenics 2.0 has been released!!


The Ffenics team are proud to announce that our latest version of software, Ffenics 2.0, has now officially been released! As part of the Ffenics initiative, our new product aims

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Great news! The Ffenics 2.0 finish line is here!


The Version 2 code has been frozen, (i.e. the software to be released is ready), we’re working on the installation and serialisation routines and updating the licence

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Beta 4 is now here!


That’s right – we now hope it’s your final opportunity to test out Ffenics 2.0 before its official release! Our beta testers generous efforts have led to even more fixes,

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You Decide!


For Ffenics 2.0, we’re going to rename Table View to prevent confusion with Table Layout. We're really interested in having your opinion on the current suggestions! To

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FF 2.0 Beta candidate is now live!!


We are delighted to announce that our beta candidate for Ffenics 2.0 is now available for you to commence testing!! Our beta testers will be the first of many people to take

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We now have a formal “Beta candidate” of Ffenics 2.0!


We now have a formal “Beta candidate” of Ffenics 2.0 which is undergoing internal testing. The team have been working extremely hard over the last few days to iron out any bugs

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First FFenics 2.0 feedback!


Ffenics 2.0 was first shown in public at Adrian Jones’ annual workshop in Bristol in November and we’re pleased to announce that the feedback was incredibly positive, with one of

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First presentation of Ffenics 2.0!


If you’re part of the Ffenics Club on Facebook and following us on Twitter, you’d know that Ffenics has just presented its first public viewing of Version 2.0 in Bristol,

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Are You Protecting Your Data Properly?


With so much media hype about hacking scandals, it’s unbelievable that so many organisations still aren’t protecting their data properly by using encryption. Are you? Within

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More expansion!


We are pleased to welcome our new Marketeer, Hayley Mansfield, to the team. Hayley will have a lead role in communication with our customers and prospects; researching, designing

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We are delighted to announce that Lee Threadgold has joined our Systems Admin team to strengthen our capabilities in this area.  Lee will be working to help meet the demand for

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Ffenics Migrations


We are delighted to announce that here at Ffenics in the UK, our migration team are now converting more DataEase Applications than ever before. The net result is that, and what

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Ffenics Cloud Hosting – 1 year anniversary and zero down-time


We have been offering Ffenics hosting for over 12 months now – and our first customers have had a marvelous, stress free year of running their applications in the cloud and

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PLM Consulting


Good luck Phil Winkler!  As you may have heard, Phil Winkler of PLM Consulting has hung up his keyboard and retired after many years of working with DataEase and Ffenics.  We wish

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"News Flash" Strong growth at Ffenics!!


“News Flash:  Strong growth at Ffenics.  Everyone always wants to know how companies are doing, and whilst larger organisations tend to stick to the formal press releases we just

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Bringing new products and services to market


“ Wow … what a week that was … complete focus on bringing new products and services to market, facilitated by the charismatic Percy Emmett with Chris Walker holding our reins in

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Social Care goes live on Ffenics


We are delighted to announce the completion of a really interesting, and from a social perspective, worthwhile project.  One of our newest clients has just gone live with a

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Ffenics driver for DataEase goes Live!


Due to customer demand we have built a direct driver that enables Ffenics to access data held in DataEase in real time.  This provides contemporary reporting and enquiry

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New Service to Extend Core Applications to Web


Here at Ffenics we know that people need to open up in-house systems to web users, whether they are employees, customers, suppliers, agents or consumers.  In addition they want

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Frustrated with Dynamics CRM? Use Ffenics!


We all know that Ffenics lets you run your business the way you want to – and a great example of this is a company called Word of Mouth Marketing – who have just gone live on a

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Another DataEase system migrated!


The team at Ffenics have just completed the migration of another DataEase system- this time for a food trading company in Liverpool, England.    As with many of the older, DOS

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New Version of Migration Tool!


We are delighted to announce the availability of the new version of our Migration tool - which enables you to bring across applications and data from all versions of DataEase for

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FrAPPs - Free Framework Applications


Ffenics today released the first batch of free Business Framework Applications, or FrAPPs as they are known. Based upon ETCh (Easy To CHange) technology from Ffenics they are

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Andy Tabord - Server Maestro


Andy Tabord, sometime DJ and master of the keyboards has joined Team Ffenics to look after our server farms.  One hesitates to call him a chip off the old block (he is a direct

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YouTube Channel Launch


New YouTube channel for Ffenics launched today, Click here to check it

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Ffenics moves to new offices


Ffenics is delighted to announce that we have moved into new, expanded offices! Our address remains the same  - we love it here at the Centre for Advanced Software Technology -

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Amanda Petrovich joins Ffenics as Marketing Manager


With a background in developing campaigns and collateral for marketing agencies Amanda has gained a wide knowledge of different sectors and their requirements, and brings

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Iain Lovatt joins Ffenics!


Iain has a degree in Business & Finance from Bangor University and will initially be working on developing materials to support the forthcoming new product releases. Outside

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