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Hi! Welcome to the community who know that the best way to run your business is by using Easy To CHange applications (ETCh)!

Here you can have all your questions answered, about why companies choose Ffenics over packaged software, how easy it is to use and how to start a trial – to give you a business system that works the way you want it to!

Step One

Watch this short video it will give you a good understanding of what Ffenics can do!

Step Two

Download a FREE TRIAL of Ffenics, and get the Free CRM Application

Step Three

Get yourself a Jump Start! Download one of these FREE Framework Applications (FrAPP)

Step Four

Watch this introductory video on how to navigate around Ffenics


Tip: Have a look at our Terminology document to get clued up on new terms for Ffenics 2.0!


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Remember… consultants globally have built applications specifically for specific industries – and because these are built in Ffenics they are Easy To CHange. Tell us your industry…and we will put you in touch!