Free Software Zone

Free Software?  Yes!

Download any (or all!) of these applications Free of Charge – and run them with Ffenics!

FrAPPs are the most flexible business solutions in the world! Why?  Because they are built using Ffenics’ unique ETCh (Easy To CHange) Technology.  So you can use them, change them and they can grow with you as your business changes and grows. All you need to run them is Ffenics!

Choose from…

The Familiarisation Application (recommended for anyone new to Ffenics!) – as used in the YouTube Training Videos.  Based on a simple CRM system it will let you run the same exercises and learn the principles of using Ffenics to develop your own applications.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT – The most flexible CRM system in the world….probably! Track prospects, opportunities, actions, segment your targets and keep control of your sales cycles!

ASSET MANAGEMENT – Financial and Locational control of all your business assets – quickly and easily.

EXPENSES MANAGEMENT – Individual and Departmental control of on-the-job expenses with in-built approval process.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Manage your inventory, track sales and purchases and keep control of your business with this simple, flexible FrAPP (Coming Soon!)

(And there’s even more coming!  If you don’t see what you want, email us and we will see if we can build it for you!)

Our consultants community also specialise in building Applications in Ffenics – more information on our Consultants page!