Ffenics Product Info

With Ffenics 2.0, comes many new and improved features and capabilities. Find out how Ffenics 2.0 can benefit your business now.

Ffenics power is accessible through two separate products:

  1. Ffenics – to build and run all your applications. Create powerful, flexible applications to meet your unique business needs quickly and easily.
  2. Ffenics WebElements – to deploy a Ffenics application across the Web! WebElements lets you publish your Ffenics documents as web pages and access the data in your Ffenics applications from a browser.

Deployment Options
– From PC’s to Cloud computing, known and “anonymous” users, webservers, local users and remote users – this document explains the Deployment Options for Ffenics.

Migrating to Ffenics from DataEase – If you have an application running in DataEase (either DOS or Windows) then it can be migrated to Ffenics – giving you all the power, flexibility and future proofing of a modern application – which is why we are converting a DataEase system a week across to Ffenics! This document explains how you can do-it-yourself – or we can give you a fixed price quote to take away the stress!

Accessing Ffenics using a Mobile device has never been easier – watch a video of an iPad using Ffenics, and then read the document of how to access Ffenics from a Mobile

Release History – Is your installation up-to-date? This table of Ffenics Release History will let you check!