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The Frequently Asked Questions


For information about Ffenics 2.0 pricing, please refer to the;

New Customers Pricing FAQs

Existing Customers Pricing FAQs

1. How many users can I have on a Ffenics system?

The software has been tested to 255 concurrent users and performed brilliantly! The largest customer deployment we know of is 175 concurrent users.

2. What is the current version of Ffenics?

The current version is Version 2 and was released in September 2016.

3. How can I buy Ffenics?

Two ways…. either through our on-line shop (payment is by PayPal or by debit/credit card, and then you can download the software) or contact us and we will send you an invoice ready for payment.

4. Do I need any other software?

No, for most deployments, Ffenics is all you need as it contains its own database.  If you want to access the system over the Web or using a mobile device then have a look at our technical information available through the Customer Portal, Consultants Zone and Product Information sections of the website.

5. Can I migrate to Ffenics from DataEase?

Yes and depending upon your version of DataEase and your application it can even be a hands-off automatic process but probably you will need to carry out some tasks to enable it to go through smoothly! There is a Migration Guide, and here at Ffenics we also provide a “fixed-price” service to migrate your applications for you!

6. What does Ffenics cost?

Full details  (and any offers!) are in our online shop but the list price of Ffenics is £16 per user per month

7. How long does it take to download?

That’s going to depend on your internet connection but Ffenics is a really efficient application, only 30Mb, so it will only be a matter of a few minutes at the very most!

8. How does support work?

Everyone gets access to a range of tools to help them, including the Forum, the built-in context sensitive Help and a range of training videos on Youtube. You also get 10 hours of telephone support free when you purchase Ffenics which can be used anytime in your first month of owning Ffenics. After that you can purchase further support contracts via the on-line shop. More information in the Customer Portal!

9. How often does the product get updated?

At Ffenics we release new versions when we have completed a series of developments and tested them thoroughly.  As such there isn’t a fixed release schedule but new releases are made available to users running Version 2 under the terms of their license agreement.

10. Can I make money from Ffenics?

Yes! In lots of ways!  Use your specialist knowledge about an industry or a process and develop applications in Ffenics to meet those unique business needs and then we can jointly market to those sectors. Or become a consultant helping companies around the world with their unique business processes – Call us now on +44(0) 844 870 9397 and we can talk through the options about how to get you up to speed!

11. How do I become a reseller / consultant?

We have a formalised program for consultants have a look in the Consultants Zone for more information.