Buy? Build? or Both?

OK, so let’s assume you need a software application to enable you to keep control of, for example, customers/prospects etc.  So you need a CRM System.  Up until now, you have had the choice of buying one off the shelf, or building one from scratch, both of which have substantial drawbacks¦

Buy an existing package:
  • But it will have been built for every possible company – so you will have to change your processes and ways of working to be able to use it
  • You’re not going to use all of it – so you’re paying for stuff you don’t need
  • If you want it changing, then you have to rely on the guys who sold it to you, and they are going to charge a fortune for every little change!
  • Which is why people say “Packaged software only really works for the package vendor”!!!!

Build it from scratch:

  • Great idea – you will get exactly what you want – but do you have time for this?

Is there a better way? YES!

  • With Ffenics Framework Applications (FrAPPs) you get a solution that works out of the box – that can be changed as your needs evolve!
  • AND you have a choice, either change it yourself or have the freedom to choose any one of the Ffenics consultants around the world to help you!
  • AND ETCh tecnology from Ffenics means that you don’t have to worry about complex upgrades your system can evolve as your business does!
Go and watch some of the training videos to see how easy Ffenics is to use, and then Download a trial copy to play with!