What is Ffenics?

And How Will It Help Me?

Let’s answer those questions the other way round

How can Ffenics help me?

Ffenics can help you run your business efficiently, effectively and, most importantly, the way you want it to. Rather than being tied down by a packaged application (and then reliant upon the guys that sold it to you!), Ffenics gives you the freedom to develop your applications the way you want giving you flexibility and control!  And what’s more…we GIVE YOU FREE APPLICATIONS to get you started!

What is Ffenics?

Ffenics is a very clever piece of software that lets you:

  • Build applications to run your business the way you want to!
  • Change them on the fly using Ffenics ETCh technology*
  • Access them from wherever using a browser or a mobile!

It contains not only the user interface that enables you to build and use applications, but also the database that stores and manages all your information so you don’t need to buy SQL Server or struggle with MySQL ever again!

Framework Apps (FrAPP) are fully working applications that you can download and use immediately. And then later you can change them!

So – whether you want to build your own, or use a pre-built FrAPP Ffenics will have you up and running quickly.

Ffenics has a long pedigree, and if we add up all the money that has been spent developing and testing it, the total is now around $18m (a sum that is increasing every day!) which is why it is so stable, full featured, and a delight to use!


* ETCh = Easy To CHange technology is unique to Ffenics and incorporates EQL (Easy Query Language)